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    Working for God in the Community 

Our hope is that we can assist the growth of Christianity and Trinity by several methods, with the following list showing those that we are already using or are in the pipeline.

This Web Site

We hope that we will make the community more aware of our presence in Romford and what is going on within our Church, both in relation to Worship and also groups that are using the church buildings throughout the weeks.


Lent Courses are held prior to Easter and there is a House Group where it is possible to study the Bible in a relaxed and homely atmoshpere.

Ecumentical Links

We join local Churches in a "Walk of Witness" on Good Friday.Rev. David Jebb and Mrs Penny Masters are involved in 'Shop Chaplaincy' thereby taking the ministry into the local shops and to their staff. David is also involved in the Inter-Faith Forum which we hope will bring fellowship between the faiths and help with race awareness. We share close links with Romford Salvation Army and The Churches Together in Havering. 

Coffee Shop

By being available to serve tea, coffee and other light refreshments to the public, together with friends and family of Trinity, we hope to be able to minister to those who enter our doors by this service, but also be there for anyone who needs some extra help or support at that particular time. This will hopefully spread the word of the Lord as well as opening Trinity to those who would not normally enter a church. They may then wish to visit again for a Service and become regular additions to our congregation.


                        Our Church Structure.


Minister: Under the care of the superintendent Minister Rev. David Jebb and Colleagues

Lay Pastoral Asssitant: Mrs Penny Masters

Local Preachers:  Regina Coleman, Lyn Gabriel, Penny Masters, Stella Holland, Cleopas Chigwada 

Lead Stewards: David Partidge,  Jenny Smith, Geraldine St Louis, Desmond Parker-Apau 

Additional Church Stewards: Lyn Gabriel, Martha Mann, Nigel Masters, Penny Masters, Joyce Peak, Pat Sanni-Thomas, Josephine Senghor, Gloria Boama

Organists/Pianists:  Stella Girdwood, Mollie Lucy

Adminstrator: Vacant position.

Property: David Holland (acting)

Treasurer: David Holland

Secretary to Church Council:  Mrs Vera Watling

Secretary to Pastoral Committee: Mrs Penny Masters

Secretary to Finance &Property Committee: David Holland

Secretary to World Church & Mission: Mr David Partridge

Church Hall Lettings: Jrnny Smith

Church Flowers: Marlene Partridge, Edna Coombs, Vera Watlin, Sue Westlake

Newsletter: David Partidge, 

Web Site Administration: David Partridge and Penny Masters.



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