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Celebrating 125 years in Romford

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1888 – 2013


FOR MORE INFO CONTACT : Rev Armstrong Fummey 01708 734005 or Penny Masters 01708 769517


SUN Feb 3rd - 10.30am Rev Sheila Bishop - All Age Worship

5pm Afternoon tea followed by

6.30pm Rev Frank Bishop

SAT Feb 16th - 7pm Scrabble Evening


SUN Mar 17th 10.30am Rev Dougie Dennis

SAT Mar 30th Celebration party – Victorian theme Time TBA


SUN April 21st 10.30 am Mr John North

SAT April 27th OPEN DAY – organ recital, displays and light lunches


SAT May 25th ‘Evening Meal’ Tickets available soon

SUN May 26th 10.30am Rev Armstrong Fummey

‘125 years of Christian witness in Romford’ - a celebration

Followed by light lunch


SAT June 8th 2-4pm Cream tea at ‘The Manse’ –

12 Oaklands Avenue

SUN June 9th 10.30am Rev Malcolm Peach

SAT June 22nd 3pm Service of thanksgiving for all those who have been married, baptised or part of the Sunday school at Trinity -

Followed by afternoon tea

SAT June 29th Sponsored Hymn Sing


FRI July 5th Evening - Salvation Army songsters and band

SUN July 7th 6.30pm Rev Jan Atkins


SUN Aug 4th Church picnic - venue To be confirmed


SAT Sept 28th Evening ‘Music for an autumn evening’

Salvation Army Young peoples section


Sun Oct TBA visit from member of Methodist conference

Calenda of Services and Special Events for Trinity

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Sunday 2nd 10.30am  Mrs Debbie Freeman - Gift Service

                   6.30pm  Rev Armstrong Fummey - Holy Communion

Sunday 9th  10.30am Local Arrangement - Nativity Play

                   6.30pm Mr Denis Erdwin

Sunday 16th 10.30am Mrs Regi9na Coleman 

                   6.30pm Mr Alan Ramsden

Sunday 23rd  10.30am Rev Armstrong Fummey - Holy Communion

                    6.30pm Mrs Stella Holland - Carols by Candlelight.

Monday 24th  11.15pm Christmas Eve Service  - Rev Armstrong Fummey

Tuesday 25th  10.00am  Christmas DAy Service At Collier Row. - Rev Armstrong Fummey      NO SERVICE AT TRINITY.

Sunday 30th 10.30am  Mr Malcolm Richardson


Monday 31st  10.00pm Informal SWorship followed at by a Watchnight Service led by Rev Armstrong Fummey.



Sunday 6th  10.30am Rev Armstrong Fummey - Covenant Service

                   6.30pm Rev John Chambers - Holy Communion

Sunday 13th 10.30am Mr Tim Banks

                   6.30pm Rev Armstrong Fummey

Thursday 17th 7.30pm Circuit Meeting at Collier Row

Sunday 20th  10.30am Mrs Penny Masters

                   6.30pm Rev Armstrong Fummey - Covenant Service

Sunday 27th  10.30am Mrs Stella Holland

                   6.30pm Mrs Regina Coleman




Sunday 3rd  10.30am Rev Sheila Bishop

                   6.30pm Rev Frank Bishop - Circuit United Service

Thursday 7th  7.45pm Circuit Ministry and Missions Committe at Trinity

Sunday 10th  10.30am  Mrs Susan Mthimkulu

                     6.30pm Rev John Chambers

Saturday 16th  7.00pm Trinity Scrabble Competition and Bring & Share

Sunday 17th 10.30am  Mr Cleopas Chigwada

                   6.30pm Circuit United Service at Havering Road

Sunday 24th   10.30am Rev Armstrong Fummey - Holy Communion

                    6.30pm Rev Jason Vinyard - Wesley Guild Service - Holy Communion.





Calendar of Services etc Sept to Nov. 2012

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Calendar of Services and Special events September to November 2012 September




Sunday 2nd 10.30am Rev. Armstrong Fumrney • Holy Communion

6.30pm Mr. Dennis Erdwin

Thursday 6th 7.30pm Circuit Missions and Ministries Committee at Trinity

Saturday 8th 1.30pm Saturday Seekers

Sunday 9th 10.30am Rev. Armstrong Fummey

6.30pm Circuit service at Homchurch. NO SERVICE AT TRINITY

Monday 10th 7.30pm Circuit Meeting at Homchurch

Sunday 16th 10.30am Mrs. Debbie Freeman

6.30pm Rev. Annstrong Fummey

Monday 17th- 7.30pm LP & WL Prayer meeting at Upminster

Sunday 23rd 10.30am Mrs Stella Holland

6.30pm Mrs Regina Coleman

Tuesday 25th 7.30pm Trinity the Future Now meeting at Trinity

Sunday 30th 10.30am HARVEST FESTIVAL Mr Chris Pearson. Parade

6.30pm Rev. Armstrong Fummey


Tuesday 2nd 7.30pm LP & WL Prayer meeting at Trinity

Sunday 7th 10 .30am-Rev..Armstrong Fummey ~ Holy Communion

6.30pm Rev. Annstrong Fummey

Saturday 13th 1.30pm Saturday Seekers




Sunday 11th 10.30am REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY• Mr. John Simmons

6.30pm Mr. Brian Endacott

Saturday 17th 9.30am to 4.30pm Walk through the Bible, NT session at Collier Row

Sunday 14th 10.30am Mrs. Penny Masters

6.30pm Mr. Cleopas Chlgwada

Tuesday 16th 7.00pm Trinity Finance and Property committee

Sunday 21st 10.30am Mr. Alan Ramsden

6.30pm Rev. Armstrong Fummey • Holy Communion

Tuesday 23rd 7.30pm Trinity Church Council

Sunday 28th 10.30am WORLD MISSION SUNDAY Rev. Armstrong Fummey

6.30pm Mr. Graham Claydon-Knights


Sunday 4th 10.30am Rev. Armstrong Fummey - Holy Communion

6.30pm Rev. Wesley Hampton• SCOUT REDEDICATION SERVICE

Saturday 10th 1.30pm Saturday Seekers

Sunday 18th 10.30am Mr. Graham Claydo-.Knights

6.30pm Rev. John Chambers-Holy Communion

Sunday 25th 10.30am Mrs Lynn Gabriel

6.30pm Mr. R. Munro-Crump






WARNING - Parking outside Trinity

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Please note that if you park in Angel Way be careful not to park over any of the cross-overs, even the very small one to the left of Trinity car park gates. The Wardens regularly ticket this spot - even if disabled badge is displayed. This happens on sundays, Bank Holidays and evenings when street -parking is allowed.


A very good area to park for free on Sundays if the roads around Trinity arte congested, is como Street Public Car Pa\rk. This has recently been resurfaced and is a short walk from Trinity. Obviously, you get to it from como Street.


There is a lot of abuse of Trinity car park by the general public on days other than Sundays. Much of this is caused by the gates being left open. If you are unsure of the ownership of cars in the car park. then please shut the gate and wind the chain round, even if you don''t lock it. This situation will only get worse as the sites around Trinity ar developed.

David Holland. 

Bible Study and East Offering

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Bible Study round up. Date to be arranged. Bible study may be new to some people, so this evening will give you an opportunity to discuss how the course went. Did you feel that it covered enough for your understandlng of the bible? Did you enjoy  having your say, rather than the person at the front trying to explain everything to you? Does anyone feel that they would like to lead a Bible Study Group-themselves? Were you happy to be in the Church, rather than in somebody's home as in a House Group, or would you prefer a house? Was it what you wanted in terms of understanding or enlightenment?


The money raised through the .Easter Offering goes Into the World Mission Fund, to be used specifically for work that contributeS to God's mission In 65 Partner Churches outside the United Kingdom. .

• Grants for particular requests from Partner Churches

• Training and support of mission partners to work with Partner Churches

•. Nationals in mission appolntments"ln Partner Churches

• Scholarship ~nd leadership training requested by Partner Churches

An example:

Every summer, students from the Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary go on mission trips to different parts of Asia. Simon, a participant of the Scholarship and Leadership Training programme, chose to go to Shenzhen In China.

"I had a good opportunity to encourage Chinese Christians around Shenzhen," Simon says. "God is working tremendously In China. Our mission team focused on factory workers" and their children. Workers from different parts of China come to work In Shenzhen  they usually have to leave their children and families back in their home towns.

The workers stay in factory housing. Women and-men are separated; Husbands and wives cannot stay together; neither can parents and children. This means the family can only - stay together when their children are on their summer holiday. August Is a holiday for Chinese schools, so all the workers children came to Shenzhen. Their parents rent houses outside the factory. and have to pay the renting costs themselves. This causes depression, especially In the mothenl. Their life Is quite tough. In the daytime, all the children are free. None of them are Christians. So we went and taught these-children using Bible stories and songs.

The way I see it, economically Chlna is developing and growing fast, but the people of China need the Gospel. Let us pray for them".

Thank you for you'r generous and sacrificial giviing, and your prayerful support and Interest.

Easter Offering 2012 is organized by NETWORK (now Methodist Women in Britain)

 A service will be held at Elm Park Methodist Church, 17 Freeborne Gardens, Mungo Park Road, Elm Park at 2.15pm on Tuesday 15th May at which the Easter Offering for the Romford Circuit will be received and dedicated.

Newsheet for March 4th

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Welcome to all visitors and friends who come to join us in worship here today. The Lead Steward today is Audrey Bear

David Partridge. Please stay for tea/coffee after the morning service, served by Margaret Harris.

Sunday 4th March - Lent 2

10.30am Rev. Alan Barker - Holy Communion

6.30pm Rev. J Chambers

The Dressing of the Cross

All sing the 2nd Verse of Hymn 180 :

Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast

Save in the death of Christ my God;

All the vain things that charm me most,

I sacrifice them to his blood.

PRAYER. Father, you have taught us to overcome our sins by prayer, fasting and works of mercy. When we are discouraged by our weakness, give us confidence in your love. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit. One God for ever and ever. AMEN

The flowers in church today, are given by Alan & Edna Coombs in memory of Alan’s parents.

Throughout the Week

Monday 5th

1.30 - 3pm Parents & Toddlers

2.00pm. Daffodil Day. Methodist Central Hall. See notice board for details.

Tuesday 6th

2.30pm Women’s Fellowship

Wednesday 7th

10.00 - 1.00pm Trinity Coffee Shop

10.15am Weekly Prayer Fellowship & Bible Studies - Lent Course Session 2 - “Making a Sacrifice”

8.00pm Wesley Guild - Do not worry about food - Mr Barry Sanson (D).

Thursday 8th March

2.00pm Social Club - All welcome

7.30pm Repeat of Session 2 of Lent Course - Led by Joyce Smith.(Making a Sacrifice).

Friday 9th

10.00 to 1pm Trinity Coffee Shop

Saturday 10th 1.30 - 3.30pm Saturday Seekers.


Offertories: 26th February £438-10p

Benevolent Fund: £7-60p


Rev. Armstrong Fummey will be on sabbatical leave until June, Should you need a Minister during that time please speak to our Pastoral Assistant Mrs Penny asters Tel: 01708 769517 or Rev. Nick Holt Tel: 01708 441286.

YOUR PRAYERS ARE ASKED FOR all those who cannot be with us today because they are sick or housebound, Remembering especially Alan Grace, who is now at home but still in need of prayers, Barbara Lancaster, Beryl Bennett, David Knights, Irene Root, Joan Carter, Ron Stanfield, Doug & Stella Girdwood and Brian Robertson.


These will be held on Wednesdays at 10.15am at the weekly Prayer and Bible study Fellowship and repeated, led by Joyce Smith, on Thursdays at 7.30pm

See Forthcoming Events for dates and times.


10.30am Mr B. Endacott

6.30pm Local Arrangement

Forthcoming events


Monday 12th 8.00pm Ladies Night -”Every picture tells a story” Jayne Roberts (arts/crafts) at S.A.

Tuesday 13th 7.30pm Bible Study- Dying and the resurrection. Jesus dies upon the cross in such a painful and grotesque way, crying our to His Father. Read Matthew 27 45:50. Was resurrected - read Matthew 28 verses 2 and 7. Read also Psalm 6 verses 4:5. Isaiah 53 verse 11. Daniel 12 verses 2:3. We do not like to talk about dying, but what does the Bible say to us?

Wednesday 14th Wesley Guild - Nigeria Health Care Project - Miss Jenny Benfield (col).

Also 10.15am Lent Session 3. The Price was Right.

Thursday 15th 7.30pm Circuit Meeting at Gidea Park.

Also 7.30pm Repeat of Lent Session 3 . Led by Joyce Smith.

Monday 19th 7.30pm LP & WL Prayer Meeting at Elm Park.

Saturday 24th 2.00pm & 6.30pm Doug Horley at Hornchurch.

Sunday 25th 6.30pm Circuit Service at Upminster.

Contact Lorraine Lines with information for the next newsletter before noon on Wednesday 7th March, by Tel: 01708 449677 or email:

Harvest 2011

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Harvest Festival Celebrations


Saturday 24th September 7pm BRING & SHARE HARVEST SUPPER

Followed by a Quiz. Tea, Coffee and soft drinks provided


Sunday 25th September Harvest Festival Services.

10.30am Rev. Armstrong Fummey

6.30pm Rev. Wesley Hampton



We are decorating the church on Saturday 24th from around 9.30 until 12 noon. You may bring harvest gifts at this time, on Friday during Coffee Shop times, or on Sunday. Many of our church organisations have been asked to decorate a window.


This year we shall be sharing the gifts between the Romford Salvation Army which has a special appeal for items to give to needy people in the Romford locality and the Whitechapel Mission which provides care for the poor and homeless in East London. Whitechapel Mission is the only place where homeless people can obtain a cooked breakfast in the City and East End. It operates 52 weeks a year, seven days a week, and is open on Bank Holidays and Christmas.


So, traditional offerings of fruit and vegetables are welcome but also tinned and packet goods and toiletries.

Their website tells us that:

We need Help! Tinned/Dry Food

Tinned meat, Tinned Tuna/fish, Pasta, Tinned milk, Ketchup, Tinned soups, Tinned fruit, Tea. Coffee


Blankets, Shirts, Padded shirts, Women's clothes, Men's gloves, Black woollen hats, Woollen scarves, Jumpers, Face flannels, Suits.


Shampoo, Combs, Small soaps, Body lotion, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Large soaps.

Household items

Nail clippers, Candles, Phone chargers.

We are desperate! Tinned Dry Food

Pot Noodles, Baked Beans, Squash, Sugar, Plum Tomatoes, Hot Chocolate, Breakfast Cereals,

Biscuits, Honey, Salt, Pepper, Porridge.

Clothing etc

Small Rucksacks, Hand Towels, Men's Underwear, Men's Shoes, Men's trainers, Socks, Jogging Bottoms, Winter Jackets, Winter Overcoats, Jeans 28 - 36", Trousers 28- 34", T shirts.


Razors, Hand Cream, Shaving Foam, Deodorant.

Household items

Carrier bags, 35mm film canisters.

They have an abundance of trousers above 36" waist, Light sweaters, Bath towels, talc, bubble bath, and toilet rolls but whatever we send will be used and gratefully received and of course, money is always welcomed.


Wednesday Prayer Fellowship

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Each Wednesday, from 10-15 to 11-15am, there is the Prayer and Bible Study Fellowship in the Worship area of the church. Also, in future on the second Wednesday of each month, there will be Holy Communion.


Those who have been attending these meetings will tell you that they are really useful rewarding times when we can go deeper into God's Word, share it with each other, and pray together.


From September we will be looking at "The Bible book by book". (Yes, from Genesis to Revelation) and "Exploring the fascinating life of Jesus" on alternative Wednesdays plus Holy Communion on the second Wednesdays.


If you haven't been before, Why not give it a try!

From Jim Hadley.



JOB VACANCY (with salary)


Your Circuit needs You!


AS CIRCUIT ADMINISTRATOR supporting the work of the Circuit.


If you have worked in an office, have computer skills,

would like a flexible 20 hours a week job,

get on well with people, this could be for you!

For a person specification and Job Description please contact any of the Circuit Stewards.

Stella Holland 01708 723670 Joan Pugsley 01708 445595 Pam Coles 01708 348325

New Methodist President and Vice-President


At the Methodist Conference held between 30th June and 7th July at Southport, Rev. Leo Osborn was confirmed as the President of Conference for 2011 to 2012. He was born in Birmingham in 1952 and worked as a nursing orderly in Norfolk before offering for the Ministry. Leo trained at Wesley College, Bristol and has served in Ripley, Bury, Bramhall, North Shields and Whitley Bay circuits over 25 years. He has been chair of the Newcastle upon Tyne District of the Methodist church for the last ten years. Leo met his wife Charlotte in Norfolk and married in 1977. Charlotte is a full-time lay chaplain at Newcastle International Airport, a worship leader, cell group coordinator and is training as a spiritual director.


At the same time, Ruth Pickles was confirmed as Vice-President. Ruth was born into a Methodist family and nurtured by a flourishing youth fellowship and Sheffield University Meth Soc. A year's VSO in Uganda began her love of East Africa, since continued in Kenya. Ruth has worked as a science teacher, residential houseparent, and manager of an alcohol advisory service whilst her paid work within the Methodist Church has been as a lay pastoral assistant and latterly a training and development officer. Ruth co-led a thriving youth fellowship for 20 years and is a Methodist Local preacher. Ruth is married to David and has three married children and seven grandchildren.


Pentecost message

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Dear Friends,




Pentecost is one of the important seasons of the Christian year. It is important because it witnessed the fulfilment of the coming of the promised Holy Spirit – the third Person of the God head.


The first Pentecost was a remarkable day because it brought a lot of confusion in the lives of both the disciples of Jesus who were eagerly waiting for this fulfilment and also the Jews who could not understand the strange phenomenon that had erupted in the Upper Room in Jerusalem. Their immediate reaction, therefore, was one of amazement which later turned into sneering and jeering. Verses 12 and 13 of Acts chapter two puts it this way, “All were amazed and perplexed, saying to one another, ‘What does this mean?’ But others sneered and said, ‘They are filled with new wine.”


This seems to be our natural human response to things we have not seen or heard before, especially when such happenings seem to be at variance with our own way of doing things. We easily throw away as not valid things that do not conform to our own practice and standards. This was the behaviour of the people in Jerusalem who first saw the 120 disciples of Jesus in that frenzied mood, shouting, laughing loudly, falling down and speaking in strange tongues. But this strange phenomenon which seemed foolish to the observers was not foolish after all. It was God Himself who was at work in His Church, fulfilling His promise to empower those who believe in Him to carry on the work of the ministry of the Church. History tells us that through the coming of the Holy Spirit, these disciples were greatly empowered and for the first time they were bold to speak about Jesus to everybody. The result was that the Church experienced a tremendous growth and became a great force in the society.


Pentecost is a time of renewal of the Church. It is the time we have to be open to God to see what new things He is doing so that we can do it with Him. Just like the first Pentecost, God is still surprising the Church by doing strange things all over the world – things that are completely different from our own experience and practice. We may even feel uncomfortable sometimes, but if that is the way God wants to renew His Church and to empower it, then we have no other alternative but to go along with Him. Our desire should not be what we want, but what God wants for His Church. The problem we have in the Church in this generation is that many of us think we know what is good for the Church and so we refuse to ask God to direct us to what we ought to be doing. But I believe our prayer for the Church should be like the prayer of Jesus – “Not my will but yours be done.”


And so, as we celebrate the season of Pentecost, why not let us begin to give much thought to the Holy Spirit and to some of the strange things happening in other places so that we can also do them for the benefit of our Church. Remember, John Wesley did something strange, something differently, out of the ordinary in his days and Methodism was born – he left the four walls of the Church and went out preaching in the open air.


Every blessing,




John Tibbles 1920 - 2011

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JOHN TIBBLES - born on the 12tll July 1920 at home in the flat above his father's bakery and shop in High St. Shoeburyness. Essex.His brother Alan was born when John was 7. John was proud of their father's origins in Great Wakering. Essex and researched the family tree at times throughout his life - but he never liked the name Tibbles!

When he was 5 the family maid asked if she could take him to The Methodist Church Sunday School. He enjoyed this and at 10 years old he signed The Pledge. He became a lifelong Methodist especially interested in Youth and House Groups, serving for 6 yrs as a Circuit Steward. He was a strong advocate of Anglican-Methodist re-union in the 1960s. and he always participated in ecumenical initiatives. In later life he enjoyed his association with St Andrew's Parish Church In Hornchurch.

John's formal education started at Hinguar Street Elementary School in Shoebury where he won the Scholarship Prize in 1931. He Matriculated in 1936 from Southend High School for Boys. On the advice of his father and the headmaster he went to work in London. In this extract from a letter John recalls his first job:

"In my first job, I was one of three filing clerks. aged 20. 18 and 17. in a self-contained section. with the 20-year old in charge. responsible for 100.000 clients' files in an insurance company. We three. and the 100.000 files occupied the first floor: there were fifty underwriters and clerks on the ground floor. When they rang for a file. we got it to them in about one minute flat. We ran everywhere. up and down those metal-edged concrete stairs. about a hundred times a day. I was very happy. until the 20-year old 'boss' passed the Civil Service examination. and left. My 18-year old friend. who had joined on the same day as myself about 6 months previously. was certain of promotion. and I felt. on the strength of my enthusiasm and hard work that I deserved promotion. But what happened? Neither of us was promoted. We were considered too inexperienced and not sufficiently responsible, and they found a young lady of 20 to oversee the pair of us. I was the most junior employee in that firm. and I remained so for another 6 months,

when I-decided it was time to get off the bottom rung of the ladder. So I left.  There must be a moral in this story somewhere. I think it must be that. if you and your talents and hard work are not. in your opinion. properly appreciated. then you just have to move on."

John did move on and trained as an accountant with Hard & Co. The only interruption to this was Military service from 1940 to 1947. About his training at Dover Castle he wrote:

"I was lucky enough to be one of the two candidates from the unit who were selected for officer training: I mention this partly on the grounds of truth. and partly immodesty. Shortly after selection. which was close to my 2711 birthday. I was told that if I volunteered to be trained in India. my training would begin much sooner. In 1941. Hitler's recently installed cross-Channel  guns were firing shells at Dover .... Not being a hero by nature (I mention this on the grounds of truth not modesty) I jumped at the offer to escape from this real. but long-range, war. and volunteered for India immediately. sailing at the end of 1941".

John served in the Pioneer Corps, the Royal Indian Artillery and the Royal Army Service Corps in India. and finally in Germany at the end of the war. He wrote about this to Tina:

"Our 22nd Birthdays do have something in common: in July 1942I was an officer-cadet at the School of Artillery. Deolali (called 000 Lally by the troops) India. inland from Bombay (now Mumbai. I believe). So we were both in training. but it was for something more peaceable for you than it was for me: but I have no regrets and enjoyed every minute of it. And of course we were both away from home. Deolali was notorious in army circles for sunstroke (called Doolally Tap by the troops) and I did spend a week in hospital there with that very complaint. I passed out on a desert march miles from our camp. and woke up in the back of a bullock cart on the way to hospital."

Whilst in the army John won his unit's 440 yards race and a bronze medal for the 'hop, step and jump'. He also enjoyed chess tournaments. Due to his poor eyesight John had been unable to join the RAF as had his 5 closest friends, all of whom sadly died in combat.

After the War John worked for several Accountancy Firms in London before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1948, becoming a 'Fellow of the Chartered Accountants' in 1953. Of his training John wrote in another birthday letter:

"Of course I don't believe in Numerology, but 26 - quite apart from being twice thirteen· has served me well. Your qrand-mother was 26 when we married, and I was 26 when de-mobbed from the army. As a 'veteran' (if I was a veteran at 26, what am I now?) my professional training was reduced from five to three years: and having already gained exemption from exam number one, I was, with all other 'veterans', exempted from exam number two, so only had to take exam number three (although it did take a week.) And that's why I'm a member of the worst-trained and least-experienced cohort of accountants that ever there was ."

John moved to Romford from Shoebury in 1951 to take a position with Regentone, and then in 1952 he was appointed-to work for the Trebor Group. He stayed there until he retired after 34 years at the age of 65. Whilst there he was Chief Accountant, Finance Director and an Instructor in Management.

After the War John was reunited with Olive, She was, in his words, his 'soul-mate', They were married from June 7th1948 until her early death on December 24th 1981 - over 33 years. Between 1949 and 1953 they had 3 children - Geoffrey. Margaret and Janet. Following Olive's death he lived alone for a further 29 years filling his life with work. voluntary work and hobbies including Christmas card design, bird watching, gardening. music. debate and growing trees. In his retirement John's interest in the garden grew. He gradually planted more specimen trees and then started on the hedges .. , everywhere a hedge could go it was planted. Hedges appeared in all sizes around the garden and any curves disappeared in favour of straight lines accentuated with rows of box, yew, beech or privet. Trimming the hedges himself. with shears. was a task he only gave up in the last 5 years. He walked down the garden almost everyday planning changes and thinking of new ways to improve what was there. During this time he gradually changed the family home into a bachelor pad from the 1930·s. John also indulged his interest in our manorial heritage and changed his name in 1993 to John Hornchurch and then again in 2008 to John Otford. .

In retirement John became treasurer for the Romford YMCA and later Chairman. He was also treasurer for Havering Victim Support, and patron and administrator for the Otford Foundation. John was an active member of his chosen 'political party' and served the cause in various ways including the use of his home for meetings and events.

His involvement with Trinity Methodist Church was a constant throughout his time in Romford and Hornchurch. John's philosophy for life was formed at an early age and consistently applied. He held fast to his Christian faith and values. generous with time and money in the service of God and people. a deep thinker, loving, fair. honest. helpful, tidy. organised, thorough. never wasting time. lacking only occasionally in tact and empathy. He considered himself greatly blessed by God recognising this in daily events. In his diary he wrote his new year resolutions for 2011 formed from a talk by Dr Jonathan Sacks: Give thanks. Praise. Time with family. Discover meaning. Live your values. Forgive. Keep learning listen. Be silent (soul),Transform suffering

In summary he wrote: Most are elements of the Religious life: LIVE" GIVE * FORGIVE CELEBRATEAND PRAISE.TURN LIFE INTO A BLESSING Most important amongst his many blessings were his 6 grandchildren and his first great-grandchild Katie. John did not embrace modern technology but continued to enjoy writing letters to his grandchildren about his exploits as a young man and giving them advice for life.


Finally, an accountant to the end. he died at 6pm on the last day of the financial year - April 5th 2011.