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Help Wanted

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Help required



The Whitechapel Mission is not a regular hostel or night shelter, but they try to open at night in very cold weather. In recent years Tony Miller, the Director, has opened up whenever the temperature has dropped below 0C. Service users have been fed a simple hot meal and allowed to bed down in the dining room. The night opening has been supervised by Tony working alone.


This year the cold weather came early and the numbers seeking shelter rose to over 100. Tony opened a second room.


The risks involved with operating in this way have led the Trustees to conclude that if night opening is to continue then a way has to be found to assist Tony in the supervision.

Is there anyone in this Church who might be able to help as a volunteer and form part of a team to provide assistance ? The aim is to have sufficient volunteers for two to be available. if needed each night throughout the winter. They would help with the preparation and service of meal at about 8pm and would then stay awake to keep an eye on the sleepers until the Mission's morning opening at 6am.





Hornchurch Passion Play

The Hornchurch Passion Play has been performed on the green outside the Queens Theatre every five years. Rehearsals are already taking place for the 2011 production which will be on 22nd to 24 April. The cast is largely drawn from members of Christian Churches in Hornchurch.


Anyone can help this project by providing Prayer Support. This is vital to the success of the Passion Play and is greatly valued by those who have 'upfront' roles in the play.

Topics for prayer at this stage include


A special blessing on Simon Pugsley who takes on the role of Jesus. Simon has been in previous Passion plays, and the Lord has clearly been leading and guiding him towards this.


Pray for Kevin Walsh as he once more takes up the role of Director. Pray that his wealth of experience will be a strength and resource to all taking part and pray that he will be blessed.


Pray for Taryn Garwood, the Stage Manager, as she co-ordinates all the details of the production, that she will be given special strength at this time.


Pray for all those who are taking up acting roles, that they will be aware of the Lord's presence among them.


Pray for those in the orchestra, the choir and for Tom Rodgers, Musical Director. Pray that more men will come forward to sing.


Please pray that enough money will be raised and provided for the project. Good progress is being made but people are still needed to support fundraising events.


Most of all, pray for the people of Hornchurch, that many of them will come to the Passion Play, and that lives will be changed as a result.


Should you wish to make a donation to the Play, make a cheque payable

to Hornchurch PCC, send to The Treasurer, Hornchurch Passion Play,

17 Spinney Close, Rainham, Essex. RM13 8LR

Esther Arney

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 Esther May Arney 1905 to 2010

Mollie Lucy (her niece) wrote for Nigel Marshall to read; "I shall miss Aunty, she has never been far away. She used to say that her sister, my mother, agreed to let her share me. At the age of 2% years, when I lived in Mildmay Road, I walked with my little case containing my nightie, up the road towards Oak where Aunty met me and I stayed the night. A few years later on she would take me to "Bible Class" at the Congregation church.

When I was in my teens she would tell me that she hoped I would do little jobs for her when she was older. I hope I have completed that task to her satisfaction. Aunty never went out to work after leaving school although she had a very favourable school leaving letter.

Her six brothers were all clerical staff for the L.N.E.R. railway and that is how she met her husband to be, Frank. He loved her dearly and we have found letters and cards to that effect.

Esther was a good cook -taught by her mother-and she had certificates for cooking and crochet. In the Second World War, women without children were expected to work and Auntie did; in Meakers the tailors for a while, and then she saw an advertisement for the Civil Service, in the Tithe Redemption Office. This post was hers for many years until retirement. In her retirement she founded the Thursday Club for the elderly here at Trinity.

Several coach holidays were arranged and speakers and demonstrations. She also worked in the 'Help the Aged' shop and was responsible for the takings. She dreaded changing to Decimal currency in 1971 but as her Great Nephew Trevor said to her" It's only tens and units".

Aunty loved all her family and often referred to them as her 'treasures'. Harry and Lily always invited her out for a meal and a day out at Bank Holidays, Gwen and Stan visited frequently providing food, cutting the grass and doing many job. A favourite was for the lampshades to be dusted. Ken and I were always in favour if we managed to get a bargain, 'two for the price of one' at Sainsbury's.

As for Aunty's latter days in Ebury Court Residential Home, she was loved there and cared for so well, especially remembering the many falls she had at the end of 200617. She enjoyed the food and told me many times "They keep me clean, scrub me well and nearly drown me in the deep bath". They provided many outings, fish and chip dinners, trips to a Wild Life Park and she thoroughly enjoyed a visit to Buckingham Palace last year. Aunty always asked about her Trinity friends, was there any news, and remembered her old neighbours. On Thursday mornings there was a chance to take her to a church service at St. Augustine's C of E, Rush Green. She would tell them that she was a 'Methodist'.

Aunty has had a good life as so many friends have expressed. She was a remarkable woman and we loved her. On the order of service there are three little words, "God is Love", and that is what she believed". The service of Thanksgiving was led by Penny Masters and in her talk she referred to Esther's 100th Birthday which fell on a Sunday when Penny was preaching at Trinity.

Unsure of a theme she asked Esther to choose her favourite hymns and based her service around those. Some of those hymns were sung again at the Thanksgiving service .. For a reading Esther chose John 3 v16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son ..." Love had to be the theme. The Love that Esther had for her family and the love they had for her. The Love she had for God and He for all of us .. "God is love" were words that Esther often put at the end of letters or cards that she wrote. Esther read the passage of scripture that day not from the lower lectern as had been suggested, but from the pulpit "as it was the word of God and people needed to see and hear the reader", she reminded Penny. She read the passage clearly and with meaning.

You would never have known she was 100 years old but then she never looked her age. Her mind remained sharp and active. She had a strong and determined character and will and this is what we remember and loved about her.

Esther walked her life with God at her side and truly believed that God is love. He promises a life that will not let us go and now Esther has given Him back her life and is resting in Him.


Calendar of Services & Events for March to May 2010

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Calendar of Services for March to May 2010 TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH Calendar of Services and Special Events March to May 2010 MARCH

Sunday 7th 10.30am Women's Anniversary Mrs. Linda Holt

                       6.30pm Rev. Roy Jackson

Tuesday 9th 7.30pm Church Council

Thursday 18th 7.30pmCircuit Meeting at Havering Road

Sunday 14th 10.30am Mothering Sunday Mrs. Lyn Gabriel

                          6.30pm Local arrangement by the Steward.

Sunday 21st 10.30am Passion Sunday _Rev.Roy Jackson Holy Communion

                        12.30 a Bring & Share Lunch followed at 2pm with Reflections on the

                                  Trinity Church Review. YOUR OPPORTUNITY to say what YOU think.                           6.30pm United service at Upminster. The Circuit Choir will sing

                                  Stainer's "Crucifixion"

Friday 26th and Saturday 27th re;gen presents Old Testament Tales at Gidea Park

                         8.00pm each night

Saturday 27th 2 to 4pm "Safeguarding" Training at Hornchurch Methodist.

Sunday 28th 10.30am Palm Sunday Mrs. Penny Masters

                          6.30pm Rev. Roy Jackson Holy Communion


Thursday 1st April 7.30pm Maundy Thursday service

Friday 2nd 10.00am Churches together in Romford- Good Friday "Walk of Witness".

Sunday 4th 9.00am Easter Morning Breakfast

                   10.30am Easter Day Rev. Roy Jackson Holy Communion

                     6.30pm Rev. Jessie Cobb

Sunday 11th 10.30am Rev. Wesley Hampton

                          6.30pm Mrs. Penny Masters

Sunday 18th 10.30am Mr. G. Freeman

                          4.00pm Annual Church Meeting followed by an act of Worship

Sunday 25th 10.30am Rev. Barrie Tabraham

                          6.30pm Local arrangement by the Steward


Sunday 2nd 10.30am Mr. Malcolm Richardson

                         6.30pm Rev. Wesley Hampton Holy Communion

Tuesday 4th 7.45pm Stewards Training at Upminster

Sunday 9th 10.30am Church Anniversary Rev. Eleanor Jackson

                        6.30pm Rev. Eleanor Jackson

Sunday 16th 10.30am Rev. Wesley Hampton Holy Communion

                           6.30pm Mrs. Regina Coleman

Sunday 23rd 10.30am Pentecost Mrs. Stella Holland

                          6.30pm Rev. Nick Holt Holy Communion

Sunday 30th 10.30am Rev. Tony Shrimpton

                          6.30pm Local arrangement by the Steward

A Pastoral Letter to the Methodist People.

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The Methodist Church of Great Britain / A pastoral letter to the Methodist people .

A pastoral letter to the Methodist people

A Pastoral Letter to the Methodist People from the president and vice-president of the Conference and the general secretary (following the address of the president and vice-president to the General Synod of the Church of England on 11th February 2010) And are we yet alive? Our answer, despite some recent press speculation to the contrary, is a resounding "Yes!". We have seen the evidence in various ways through our complementary roles. As president and vice-president we have represented the care, oversight, authority and support of the Conference as we have visited local churches and situations in different parts of the Connexion. We have seen the Methodist people being faithful and the Spirit at work in them and. through them. We mentioned some examples in our address to the General Synod. As General Secretary, Martyn is responsible for leading the development of the mission of the Methodist Church. He too has seen evidence of energy being released amongst us.


We are all convinced that God is not finished with the people called Methodist yet. We began as a discipleship movement within the wider Church, a society of people seeking holiness and engaging in worship and mission. In Wesley's time and through succeeding generations we have continually adapted to circumstances to fulfil that calling as effectively as possible. It is still Our Calling today. And mission has never been more needed than it is now. We live in a world ravaged by war and poverty, and tom apart by questions of how we care for the natural environment and the morality of financial systems. We live in a world where people need to hear the word of God in a language they can understand, where they need to see the love of God through people like us and experience it as good news for themselves. We live in a world where not enough people are being attracted and formed into disciples of Jesus Christ, responding to the promptings of the Spirit.

Responding to situations like this, allowing God to transform us so that we can be most effective in doing so, supporting each other in that through our interconnections, is what Methodism has always been about. We best honour those who have gone before us by doing the equivalent in our time and our circumstances of what they did in theirs. It is our DNA as a people to be a group of disciples who are committed to glorifying God in worship, to holiness and to being obedient and active in mission. We are therefore delighted to see an increasing interest in and commitment to discipleship amongst us.

We believe that God has a role for us in this mission, and we are increasingly embracing it. We have about 265,000 'card-carrying' members, and that number has been decreasing because of the age-profile of our members. But more churches are making more members each year; a quarter of our churches are growing; the numbers worshipping with us on Sundays and, increasingly, mid-week is rising; fresh expressions are starting to flourish; we have regular contact with over 800,000 people; and we are part of a growing world-wide. Methodist communion of over 70 million. There is a growing self-confidence amongst us accompanied by an appropriate humility about ourselves, and a releasing of energy far mission. But we are not the whole of the Church, and we cannot do it all by ourselves. So we have voted consistently over the years far unity schemes that are designed to increase the whole Church's effectiveness in mission. This is not a death wish, but a desire to be obedient and a willingness to be transformed. We can countenance ceasing to exist as a separate Church because we know that we will still be the Methodist people within a wider Church.

As our major statement on the nature and mission of the Church Called to Love and Praise put it in 1999 "the British Methodist Church may cease to exist as a separate Church entity during the twenty-first century, if continuing progress towards Christian unity is made". Methodism will still contribute same of the riches of its own distinctive history and mission to any future Church. We know from that history that we can be the Methodist people either in our own separate Church or in same wider expression of the universal Church. Helping to create a wider expression of the universal Church and becoming part of it will require not just us but other Churches to be prepared to move forward together and to leave some things behind in the process for the sake of the Kingdom. So it is not a question of Methodists being submerged or absorbed in the Church of England or any of our other partners. It is not a matter of Methodists returning to the Anglican fold, but of seeing whether together we are prepared to became a 'new fold'.

This is not just true of our relationship with the Church of England. We have also signed a Covenant with other Churches in Wales, and recently a partnership with other Churches in Scotland. We have many local partnerships with other Churches, the United Reformed Church in particular. And we are all part of wider denominational groupings. For example, the world-wide Methodist communion is over 70 million strong and the world wide Anglican communion about 78 million. Both are faced with questions of how they cohere in the 21st century, and how they deal with situations where there are competing and even contradictory convictions within them. In addressing these we have a lot to share with each other.

When we addressed the General Synod it was only the second time that the president of the Conference had done so; the first since the Covenant between the Methodist Church and the Church of England was signed in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen in 2003; and, importantly, the first time the vice-president and the president had been invited to address the Synod together. What we were saying to the General Synod was that Methodists have always been committed to unity in order to create greater effectiveness in worship and mission. We said that thinking like this comes naturally from our spirituality. We approach our Covenant with the Church of England in the light of the Covenant Service in our Worship Book which we pray each year. We were gently but urgently asking the General Synod whether the Church of England was prepared to make the same commitment and allow itself to be transformed far the sake of the gospel. And what we say to the Church of England we say to our other partners.

So what happens if other Churches are not prepared to be changed in order to became more effective in mission with us? Rather than being groups of Methodist people in a new and wider Church, we shall continue as a Methodist people in a separate Methodist Church faithfully trusting in God's continuing leading of us. We could do that, and we currently do. But even as a separate Church we shall have to continue with our commitment to co-operate with others in mission wherever possible and to whatever extent it is possible.

Whether co-operating with others or allowing a wider expression of the universal Church to come into existence will require a lot of working together in mission locally. Doing that will throw up some obstacles that will have to be removed and some issues that will have to be resolved if mission is not to be hampered. Some of those include matters of inter-changeability of ministries, common decision-making structures, the role of women in the Church, and how oversight is embodied. Much work has been done on these and some people will have to be asked to keep working at them on our behalf. When we signed the Covenant we committed ourselves to working to remove any obstacles to visible communion so far as our relationship with the Church of England is concerned. Any solutions will have to be agreed by all of us in due course and by due procedure. But in the' interim we must all keep striving to engage as effectively as possible in worship and mission.

We have found the Methodist people in good heart, and an increasing sense of the energy of God's love being released amongst us. We are a people of one book, the Bible. We allow the gospel to both comfort and challenge us. We let the love of God both confirm and transform us in the body of Christ through the Spirit.

We are yet alive We shall be alive in the future in whatever form God wills. God has not finished with us yet!

The Revd David Gamble

President of the Conference

Dr Richard M Vautrey

Vice-President of the Conference

The Revd Dr Martyn D Atkins

General Secretary

Message from the Circuit Stewards -February 2010

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Happy New Year from the Circuit Stewards

The snow has melted, New Year resolutions are forgotten, pancakes have been tossed and we are rushing rapidly towards Easter. The time seems to pass so fast and yet there is still so much to do.  

The weather prevented the Circuit Leadership Team meeting in early January and also led to the cancellation of the Circuit Meeting, however there have been several other meetings to think about the future of the Circuit. On Saturday 30th January we were very pleased to welcome Rev Armstrong Fummey and Jason Vinyard to a day of discussions on the future shape of the Circuit and it was also a chance to get to know each other better.

Armstrong is, as we are sure many of you know, a Ghanaian who has been in this country for many years working as a Minister. He did most of his training here and will have served in three Circuits before he joins us.

Jason is currently at Wesley House where he has lived, studied and trained for Presbyteral Ministry for the last three and a half years. His wife, Yvette and younger daughter Jasmine live with him at Wesley House and his eldest daughter Tyler lives in Ipswich. Jason will be joining us as a Probationer in his first appointment. Jason, Yvette and Jasmine joined us for the day and it was their first visit to the area. Jason told us of his years when Church was far from his mind ...but then he realised that God was calling him to the ministry ...we will leave him to tell you all about it when he joins us in September.

After a time of fellowship over lunch, we gathered in the church at Collier Row (many thanks to them for their hospitality) and started to think about the future pastoral oversight within the Circuit. However, before we could get into the detail, we gave Jason a tour of the Circuit using a large map with everyone contributing to a description of each church. Deacons Jamie and Ruth also talked about the development and role of re-Generation.

As you are all aware, Methodism ensures that every church has appropriate pastoral oversight - no church will be left out. Whilst it is the Superintendent's role to ensure that cover, in this instance the team have been working with him to conclude that Jason should have pastoral responsibility for Upminster and South Ockendon - we will also be seeking an authorisation from Conference for him to preside at communion. Armstrong will probably take care of Trinity, Elm Park and Havering Road and Nick will continue to oversee Gidea Park and Homchurch whilst beginning to develop a prayer and healing ministry (we hope he will share his thoughts with us at the next Circuit Meeting). Wes will probably add Collier Row to his current responsibility for Brentwood, Harold Wood and Farmlands. Brian will continue to provide the pastoral care at Aveley and Rainham and support the rest of the Circuit staff Jamie and Ruth will continue to grow the youth orientated church, reGeneration.

At the next Circuit Meeting we will be presenting some thoughts on the Circuit Leadership Team, the Staff Meeting, the Circuit budget and support for our lay employees. The accounts for last year will also be presented. Another proposal will be for there to be six Circuit Stewards - to enable us to get out to the churches more frequently and to spread the load. We are thinking that two might focus on finance and property, two on the Ministry team and two ,. on the life of the Circuit. Is this a chance for you to become more involved in your Circuit?

Stella, Nigel, Bob and John

Changes to weekly events

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The cancelled 6.30pm Covenant Service with Rev. Roy Jackson, will be rescheduled for January 24th at 6.30pm instead.

Ladies Night on Monday  Has been cancelled due to weather conditions.

Please note that the Wesley Guild meeting, on Wednesday, has been postponed due to weather conditions.

Circuit Review Update for Autumn

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Circuit Update - Autumn 2009


It has been a busy time this autumn with decisions to be made, questions to be answered and options to be juggled. The Circuit Staff and Stewards have now got a moment to take breath before the joy and excitement of Christmas so we thought it would be good to let you know what has been happening.


It all started at the September Circuit Meeting when it was decided to offer Deacons

Jamie and Ruth Poch an extension of 2 years until August 2012 and to seek a

Superintendent and a Probationer to join the Circuit in September 2010. Until those

decisions were made, it was not possible to complete all the paperwork which is required for the stationing process and hence a busy few days, with lots of emails and discussion took place to produce an application for a Probationer and a Circuit Profile for the Superintendent.


The Probationer form ran to 20 pages and covered all aspects of the Circuit and how we would be able to support a candidate. After discussion with the Chairs of the District, it was concluded that the appointment should be based at Upminster with additional oversight for South Ockenden (working closely with Rev Jessie Cobb). We are pleased to report that the Probationer Committee agreed to the appointment and they will select a suitable person early in the new year.


By contrast, the Superintendent Profile is two sheets and has to cover the whole of the

Circuit life, the manse and the qualities the Circuit is looking for! We are grateful to people who suggested things to include and, once again the District Chairs helped us to make the profile attractive (whilst remaining honest!). We were also able to use the results of the Circuit Review to identify some of the qualities that the Circuit had expressed a desire for.


From the Circuit Meeting to completing the paperwork was less than 10 days and we

were glad when it was over. However. we then went straight on to finalising the Circuit

Review report with Paul Kybird before it was presented to an open meeting in October.

There were nearly a 100 people from all over the Circuit and was not restricted to the

Stewards. Hopefully you have had a chance to read the report - if not it is on the

Brentwood website in the Circuit area (


The report has 20 recommendations and an awful lot of them have challenging

timescales. The first dozen or so are all about the management and leadership of the

Circuit - it may seem like a lot of bureaucratic nonsense, but it is important that we know who should be doing what, how the various groups fit together and make sure that we provide the appropriate pastoral and spiritual support to all our lay employees.


An embryonic Circuit Leadership Team (consisting of the Ministers and Circuit Stewards) has already met to start thinking about how to address these organisational issues. We have been looking at what things need to be done and then how that can be co-ordinated with the other work of the Circuit to minimise the overlap between groups and also avoid too many meetings!


The open meeting in December (Thursday 3rd, 7:30pm at Trinity) will discuss the report

and the recommendations with a view to suggesting actions to be agreed by the January Circuit Meeting. Everyone is encouraged to be there since without the Circuit we would not have our individual Methodist Churches and without the individual churches we would not have a Circuit - just like Paul's comparison with the body - many parts all working together to form a body for the good of the whole.


As we prepared for the review report to be presented than the matching process for the

Superintendent started in earnest. This is a very quick succession of events and it makes it extremely hard to keep everyone involved or informed. The first stage was a CD with profiles of the 122 ministers seeking an appointment in 2010 and about a week to give the Chairs a list of those who the Circuit thought matched our needs.


Filtering all those details (and some of them were interesting (!) to say the least) into a list of those who were prepared to come to the London District, who were prepared to

consider being a Superintendent and didn't have some special accommodation

requirements took a few days. The result was a list of about 10 names which seemed to the Stewards and Ministers to match our needs/desires the closest. Once again there was rapid discussion and frantic emails since we had about 10 days from receiving the CD (luckily the postal strikes did not delay it) before we had to advise the District of a "top" 5.


No sooner had we finished that part of the process than the first matching meeting

occurred and on Tuesday 3rd November we were advised of a name which the Chairs of all the Districts thought would be appropriate. There was then a mad dash to contact the prospective Superintendent, arrange a visit to the Circuit for the following Saturday,

contact all the churches and make all the arrangements. We are very grateful to all the

Church Stewards for their support and we are sorry if messages didn't get to everybody - 3 days is just too challenging and we intend to write to the District to say so.


The result was that Rev Armstrong Fummey and his daughter visited us, he met people

from all around the Circuit on a whirlwind tour and, two days later, accepted our invitation to become Superintendent Minister in September 2010.

Armstrong is Ghanaian and worked as a teacher before being called to the Ministry whilst working in Liberia. He trained both in Liberia and England and has held three

appointments in both the north and south of England. He described himself on the profile with these words:-


"I love preaching. People who know me very well testify that my preaching and leading of worship are effective and inspiring and people find my services valuable and easy to

follow. I do encourage variety of styles of worship that will meet the need of all the



One of my strengths in ministry is in my Pastoral responsibilities and people do value my pastoral work. I enjoy being with people sharing in their concerns and praying with them. I see myself as an encourager and enabler.


I was a school teacher before coming into ministry and I use my teaching skills in Bible

Study and Prayer meetings which I organise in all the Churches I serve.

I have a good experience in organising people for mission and evangelism. I share in a

number of mission programmes both locally and also with our ecumenical partners.

I am a visionary and I love to encourage and work with people towards the fulfilment of

the ministry of the Church."


We are really pleased to welcome him and will be working with him over the next few

months to agree how the pastoral oversight will be provided in the coming years - there

will need to be some changes to the current sections, but until Armstrong had accepted

the invitation, no meaningful discussions or decisions could take place.


Hope that has been useful - as you can see it has been a very busy Autumn and we are

grateful for your prayers and support. We look forward to God doing great things in our

congregations and Circuit.


Stella Holland, John Alexander and Nigel Masters

Tribute to Rose Hill 1913 - 2009

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Mum was born Rose Lillian Elizabeth Albone on January 11th 1913 in the district of

Stepney. She was one of five daughters born to Ellen and Arthur Albone and they lived

at 21 Taylors Place, Ben Johnson Road, Limehouse.

She contracted polio as a young child and this went on to affect her in one form or

another for the rest of her life. He childhood was happily spent with her sisters, Agg,

Nell, Anne and Queen.

Mum met leslie Stuart Hill and they married at St. Andrews, Bromley in the district of

Poplar on August 25th 1934. She immediately became step-mother to leslie, Georgie

and Rene before giving birth to her own four children. I'm happy that my half-brother

leslie's son Trevor could join us today to represent his sisters Pauline and Jane.


Mum and Dad moved around various areas of london and were evacuated to Somerset

during the war - later relocating to Hornchurch, Dagenham and eventually Romford ...

After Dad passed away in 1971 Mum's world changed dramatically. She outlived all of

her sisters and missed them terribly. Albert and Maureen moved Mum into Royal

Jubilee Court in 1988,where she resided until February of this year.


Travel was always something Mum loved to do and she took full advantage of it by

visiting John and I in Australia twice, Albert and Maureen in Spain twice and Canada on

many occasions. With her sisters Agg and Queen, Mum took bus tours to many

countries in Europe. Her one regret as she aged and became less mobile was her

inability to keep on travelling. But my sister Gene and Alan took her to Cornwall in

January this year.


Her dear friend Hilda Walker took her along to Trinity where she was welcomed into

the Methodist family on January 6th 1980 by Rev. John Hudson, who was the Minister

at the time. This church, and all her friends here, became very important to mum and

she attended regular church services and also thoroughly enjoyed the Women's

Fellowship group. There were so many people at the church who played an important

role in Mum's life and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them (past and present),

Barbara, Edgar, Sheila, Mollie, Jenny, Valerie, Penny, Cyril and Emmy, Stella and Doug,

Hilda, both Doris's, Edna and Alan, Marlene and David and Irene Fox.... I'm sure I've left

some of you out so please forgive me.


Mum moved into Abbscross Nursing Home in April and our special thanks to Helen

and all of the staff for their care and dedication .... and for keeping Mum comfortable in

a homelike setting during her final days.

As you know I and Gene live in Canada and Albert in Spain so we were thankful that we

all could arrive to be in time to be with Mum.

Thanks also to our cousin Kath Richardson who tirelessly visited Mum in hospital and

at Abbscross.... I've saved the biggest thanks till the last ... to our cousins Ken and

Chris, for being there for Mum over the years, no matter what! We know that your level

of devotion and commitment to your Aunt Rose will have us eternally grateful.

Finally our special thanks to Ken Nicholls and Penny Masters for putting this service

together so quickly for us.


17th August 2009

Several other people paid tribute to Rose including Doug Girdwood for her great

interest and contributions to Action for Children (National Children's Home) over many


News from the Circuit

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1. News from the District Centre this week



Global city focus: Pray for those among whom you work

Give thanks and pray for :


· The minister and leadership team in your circuit

· Your own church its members and leaders Methodist Youth Assembly


The Synod Secretary, Bala, would like to remind to please send in your nomination forms for the Methodist Youth Assembly on or before 7th September.

 Who is it for and where is it? It is open to young people in the Methodist church aged between 11 and 23.

Youth Assembly is an exciting new event, giving you the opportunity to shout about real issues. It is at Ushaw conference centre in Durham, on the 13-15 November. The full details and nomination form were included in your Synod papers. The booking form is also available on the main Methodist website.

 Each district is expected to send 2 young people as official delegates, as detailed in CPD.






· Music in the Global City - NEW DATE!

On Saturday 31st October Music in the Global City will be taking place at Chelsea Methodist church from 10am ? 3pm. The speaker will be the Revd Ian Howarth. There will be various workshops in the afternoon including; Gospel choir, how to choose Hymns, Contemporary music in worship & worship with children & young people.



· London District Training Days


There are lots of training opportunities this autumn. They include:


o Local Preachers Secretary Training - 26th September at 10am-2pm ? WCH.

o Church Stewards Training ? 3rd October at 10am-3pm ? Chelsea Methodist Church.

o Core Skills Training, for those who work with children & young

people ? 17th October at 11am-4pm ? WCH (limited numbers ? only few places remaining).