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Message from Rev Fummey

Posted by trinityromford on February 28, 2012 at 5:30 AM

Dear Friends,

The Bibiical  account of creation found on Genesi s'chapters1 & 2 tells us that after God has ffinished creating heaven and earth and all the hosts of them, He rested on the seventh day. We live in an actlon-oriented world where there alwayfs seem to be something to do and no time to rest. Yet God demonstrated that rest is appropriate and right. If God himself rested  from His work, then it should not amaze  us that we also need rest. Jesus demonstrated thus principle when after a busy preaching asignment, he and his disciples left. In a boat to get away from the crowds (Mark 6: 31a 32). Times of rest refresh us for times of service. Rest is also important to maintain a balanced life..

It as in recognition of the importance of rest that the Methodist Churcih graciously offers a three-month sabbatical leave to its mlnlstsrs after they have travelled for some years. "A sabbatical is a period of release from theordinary duties of the appointment, in addition to normal holidays, for the purpose of pursuing an approved programme of study, research, work or experience" (SO 7044). A Methodist mlnister travelling for the first ten years of ministry, takes their first sabbatical andeach seventh year after it.

When  the Bible says God rested on the 7th day; it was not because God was tired ibut to indicate the compietion of creatlon. "and he rested on the 7th day from all his work which he had done (Genesis 1:3; 2:2). God saw (reflected on) the-World  he  hasmade and it wasperfect and he was satisfied with i.t Sabbatical leave is not a three-month pernod for ministers to take an easy  rest from their worik, but it affords them the opportunity  for reflection, study, research and recreation.

Asmany of you know,my next sabbatical begins on  the 1st of March and will  end on the31st of May 2012. Part of my actvities during this period is to visit Corrrymeela. I will be part of this community for about two weeks, observing, !earning and also supporting the Community in practical ways. I also intned to so some  studies on life Coaching as part of my ministerial development exercise. The final stage of my sablbatical wll !be spent with my family in Ghana.  I am embarking on  a journey of new experience, which I hope will be exciting and refreshing.

Wlhile I am away, the  Rev. Nick Holt will serve as the Acting Superintendient and who may also be contacted if anybody needs the help of a  minister.

I pray that God will keep all of us until we meet inthee months time.

With every Blessing.


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