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A Piece of Cake

Posted by trinityromford on March 26, 2012 at 2:15 PM


What a strange title you may think. However, I have been trying to bake a cake - a special one, We all go to our Delia Smith or River Cottage cook books when thinking about cooking. The instructions and ingredients can be quite lengthy, and we are encouraged to carry on because, looking at the pictures, everything looks absolutely wonderful.

My proposed cake was slightly different in that I received the recipe from a friend, and a plastic container holding some sourdough. Iwas told that this was the start-off for a German Friendship Cake. What I had to do for the next 10 days is look after this dough, ensuring that I stirred it well on a regular basis, and that I fed "Herman" (that's the cake's name), twice during his stay with me. I was told not to put him in the refrigerator or he would die, and to cover the top of his basin with a cloth to keep him warm. I grew quite attached to my visitor and was very pleased, each morning, to remove his cover and see the bubbles on the surface of the dough, and know that I had not killed Herman during the night. The idea was that on the 10111 day I was to divide my dough, (which was now much larger because of the feeding), into 4 sections, keeping one for myself and giving the other 3 parts away to friends.

This was the sharing of the friendship. Then with extra ingredients and my portion Imade a Friendship Cake, which was sweet, large, aromatic and a joy to eat.

Where does God come into this you may ask. Well'over the 'years 1have been reading God's Bible like a Delia Smith recipe book, without actually doing anything. 1understand what Jesus did for us in his death on the cross. God loved us and sent His Son to show that love, and forgive our sins. I look at the pictures in my Lion Heart book on "Christian Belief" and see artistic paintings of God with his heavenly hosts, and although I am reading it I am not really participating in making His Kingdom come to life.

Using an analogy, many years ago I was blessed to receive a container with the dough (the word of God) inside, and shared my recipe with my fellow Christians and worked with them, and participated in the need to share His Words. Jesus is special. We need to speak to him each day. We need to worship our Lord, knowing that he is working on our behalf in Heaven to ensure that at the End Day we will be sharing a sweet Loving Friendship Cake with Him. However, we need to put in the effort now to earn our place. We also need to nurture our basic understanding of God and watch it grow, and pass it on to others in Friendship and love.

Joyce Smith

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