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Esther Arney

Posted by trinityromford on March 28, 2010 at 7:49 AM

 Esther May Arney 1905 to 2010

Mollie Lucy (her niece) wrote for Nigel Marshall to read; "I shall miss Aunty, she has never been far away. She used to say that her sister, my mother, agreed to let her share me. At the age of 2% years, when I lived in Mildmay Road, I walked with my little case containing my nightie, up the road towards Oak where Aunty met me and I stayed the night. A few years later on she would take me to "Bible Class" at the Congregation church.

When I was in my teens she would tell me that she hoped I would do little jobs for her when she was older. I hope I have completed that task to her satisfaction. Aunty never went out to work after leaving school although she had a very favourable school leaving letter.

Her six brothers were all clerical staff for the L.N.E.R. railway and that is how she met her husband to be, Frank. He loved her dearly and we have found letters and cards to that effect.

Esther was a good cook -taught by her mother-and she had certificates for cooking and crochet. In the Second World War, women without children were expected to work and Auntie did; in Meakers the tailors for a while, and then she saw an advertisement for the Civil Service, in the Tithe Redemption Office. This post was hers for many years until retirement. In her retirement she founded the Thursday Club for the elderly here at Trinity.

Several coach holidays were arranged and speakers and demonstrations. She also worked in the 'Help the Aged' shop and was responsible for the takings. She dreaded changing to Decimal currency in 1971 but as her Great Nephew Trevor said to her" It's only tens and units".

Aunty loved all her family and often referred to them as her 'treasures'. Harry and Lily always invited her out for a meal and a day out at Bank Holidays, Gwen and Stan visited frequently providing food, cutting the grass and doing many job. A favourite was for the lampshades to be dusted. Ken and I were always in favour if we managed to get a bargain, 'two for the price of one' at Sainsbury's.

As for Aunty's latter days in Ebury Court Residential Home, she was loved there and cared for so well, especially remembering the many falls she had at the end of 200617. She enjoyed the food and told me many times "They keep me clean, scrub me well and nearly drown me in the deep bath". They provided many outings, fish and chip dinners, trips to a Wild Life Park and she thoroughly enjoyed a visit to Buckingham Palace last year. Aunty always asked about her Trinity friends, was there any news, and remembered her old neighbours. On Thursday mornings there was a chance to take her to a church service at St. Augustine's C of E, Rush Green. She would tell them that she was a 'Methodist'.

Aunty has had a good life as so many friends have expressed. She was a remarkable woman and we loved her. On the order of service there are three little words, "God is Love", and that is what she believed". The service of Thanksgiving was led by Penny Masters and in her talk she referred to Esther's 100th Birthday which fell on a Sunday when Penny was preaching at Trinity.

Unsure of a theme she asked Esther to choose her favourite hymns and based her service around those. Some of those hymns were sung again at the Thanksgiving service .. For a reading Esther chose John 3 v16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son ..." Love had to be the theme. The Love that Esther had for her family and the love they had for her. The Love she had for God and He for all of us .. "God is love" were words that Esther often put at the end of letters or cards that she wrote. Esther read the passage of scripture that day not from the lower lectern as had been suggested, but from the pulpit "as it was the word of God and people needed to see and hear the reader", she reminded Penny. She read the passage clearly and with meaning.

You would never have known she was 100 years old but then she never looked her age. Her mind remained sharp and active. She had a strong and determined character and will and this is what we remember and loved about her.

Esther walked her life with God at her side and truly believed that God is love. He promises a life that will not let us go and now Esther has given Him back her life and is resting in Him.


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