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Saturday Seekers 

In May 2007 we held our first Saturday Seekers. A monthly group for ages 5 - 11. The aim was to spend 2 hours with the children and try to bring the Bible and the teaching of Jesus alive for them in a different way from perhaps what they expected from a traditional school. We always have a memory verse to learn and activities which are based on a particular story, which is repeated in different formats throughout the sessions. Through the Bible reading, DVD, re-enacting and retelling the story and trying to help the children to understand the context and emotions that the story explores, We have craft work and games to re-inforce the message.

Our first sessions were called 'Awesome' and we explored the miracles of Jesus and tried to re-enact them, which of course we couldn't and the response was 'Wow'.that's Awesome'. Next we started a new course called 'Streetwise' looking at 'Luke Street' and the stories in Luke. We visit a house on the street each time and listen to the story behind the front door.

We are now looking at heros and heroines in the Old Testament and trying to link them with the New Testament stories as well. The stories really seem to have captured the children's imagination and we are beginning to have quite deep questions and challenging discussions with some of them.

We have had 35 different childern over the last year, some of whom have been visitors visiting cousins etc., but we have between 10 - 18 most sessions. The youngest child being 4 and the oldest 11.

This could never have happened without the willingness of people to offer support and help in so many ways. If anyone would like to help and would like to know more then please contact Mrs Penny Masters.


Sunday Travellers

We have 17 young people on the register ranging in ages from 5 to 15, some of whom attend very regularly and other very intermittently. One of the older boys regularly attends Morning Worship. it is unfortunate that there are so many activities for young people taking place on a Sunday. We have one who has a job, several footballers, at least one rugby player and one who has the main part in the London production of The Lion King.

With the wide age range and never being sure who, will be there on a Sunday, it is difficult to cater for all.

We have six JMA (Junios Missionary Association) collectors and one collection per month goes to JMA. All the children receive a Rainbow Magazine three times a year. As some of our young people originate from countries in Asia, Africa and the Carribbean it gives added interest when we use Rainbow on a Sunday morning.




Bible Study and Prayer Fellowship

As an important part of the Church programme this takes place every Wednesday morning at 10-15am and lasts about one hour.

It usually takes the form of singing or listening to hymns or Christian songs, Bible study, discussion and prayer.  Once a month we have Holy Communion, led by our minister.  We also regularly have a mission themed session.

At the Fellowship our prayers are for friends, family, the church family, the wider church, our own and other countries - in fact any issues, concerns or reasons to praise and be thankful to God that are brought up by those attending.

The fellowship group is very informal and friendly, with different people taking part. It is a church meeting that is open to all

In Isaiah Chap 56 v6 it says "for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations".   Please join us if you can or let us know of any matters for prayer or praise.                                              *************

Ladies Night       

We meet on the second Monday of each month, we have various speakers, a New Year party and Supper and an End of Season Supper.

Meets monthly on 2nd Monday at 7.30pm

President: Mrs Vera Watling; Tel: 01708 705148

Secretaries: Mrs Joyce Peak, Tel: 01708 455193 and Mrs Marlene Partridge, Tel: 01708 768804


Women's Fellowship

The Women's Fellowship continues to meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoon of each month, at 2.30pm.

Our numbers are few as members are getting older and finding it more difficult to attend the meetings. 

We are, however,a happy and caring group, who look forward to our times together.

As always, new members can be assured of a warm welcome.

Contact: Mrs Stella Girdwood  Tel: 01708 749576


Wesley Guild

It is hoped that by now friends know that generally the Wesley Guild meets on the 2nd and 4th  Wednesday of each month at 8pm between October and May.

We are happy to welcome visitors especially if a special topic interests them.

Our members are few in numbers (about 8) but very loyal and ready to take part on members' evenings, be it Devotional, Christian Service or Cultural.

Secretary: Mrs Stella Girdwood Tel: 01708 749576


Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is open on each Wednesday and Friday 10.00am - 1.00pm. (excepting Easter and Christmas Week)

Take the chance to relax and enjoy the friendship of members of the public and of Trinity, within the pleasant surroundings of the church vesdtibule.

If you are in need of help or just need someone to listen, there will be someone available to assist you or can pass your details on to the relevant person, who will then get in touch with you.


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